I come from Vancouver, Canada and am currently based in Berlin, Germany.

With a Bachelor's Degree of Social Sciences in International Studies and Modern Languages from University of Ottawa, and a Master's of Law in Contemporary Chinese Studies from Renmin University of China in Beijing, I have recently made the jump into the tech industry. Graduating from a six-month intensive training program for web developers, I am keen to learn and build more things!

This website was hand-coded using HTML/CSS from scratch by me.

"En vérité, le chemin importe peu, la volonté d'arriver suffit à tout."

Albert Camus


After a year in the job market and not feeling satisfied or challenged by my daily tasks, I decided to make a change. Berlin is an amazing city with a wealth of opportunities, in both international companies as well as the tech sector. I had never thought of becoming a web developer until attending a free workshop that aimed to teach women how to code. This was very inspiring and is ultimately what lead me to my decision to learn how to program.
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Version Control using Git and Github
I am 25 years-old and have lived, studied and worked on three continents. I am interested in experiencing new cultures and environments, and am a very quick learner. Being able to communicate in English, French, Mandarin and German has enabled me to make myself comfortable in many different situations, which is also applicable to me career.